MetricDesigner GmbH & Co.KG

Your partner for high-performance business software.

Your partner for high-performance business software.
For years, we have been among the innovative and future-oriented software houses in Germany.

Our specially developed software applications MetricDesigner – high-performance software for your business – ensure that your daily business processes are optimized.

Your significant benefit thereby: More time available for your BUSINESS.

Our customers include companies from the following industries
Industries & Areas:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Equipment construction
  • Project manufacturer
  • Food industry
  • Drive and sealing technology
  • Classic medium-sized production companies

MetricDesigner GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 2013by Jörg Paule. Over several years, we have become one of the solution partners for process optimization and manufacturers of MetricDesigner Platform grown up. With many years of experience and the corresponding know-how, we are very strongly positioned in the field of process optimization with our portfolio. We start at points that others don’t even think about. Constant innovations paired with intelligent, thinking and far-sighted minds allow our portfolio to grow constantly. Through our MetricDesigner Platform we provide companies with a powerful product that gives them more time and working capital for their business.

Some bring the performance onto the road and

the MetricDesigner platform brings them into your business.

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