Easy design and reproduction of catalogues and price lists



No text section to be maintained immediately. Double text maintenance is then history.

MetricDesigner – Catalog

is a software app with which you can generate catalogues, price lists and operating instructions. The data is merged from different systems (PDM / PLM, ECM, ERP), so that no double data maintenance occurs. Frequent revisions or additions in documents cost a lot of time. The MD.Catalog app reduces the time used for document maintenance to a minimum. MD.Catalog can be used in any industry.

Create your catalogues at the push of a button!


How would you feel if you could significantly reduce your time for any business document creation?

More efficiency

You control your tasks in a user-friendly way via a central interface. They work in clear structures, with reusable building blocks. MD.Catalog is a configurable and immediately usable software solution that will help you to reduce time and costs for complex catalogues..
MD.Catalog and
the web platform MD.ProductFinder are based on the same database.




This is offered by the MD.Catalog, because up-to-date multilingual price lists, catalogues and technical documentations are then normality.

TEAM MetricDesigner

Features at a glance

  • Database-supported creation of catalogues, operating instructions, price lists and image price lists.
  • Preparation of declaration of conformity.
  • Automatic documentation generation.
  • Automatic structuring of the content and creation of the table of contents.
  • Automated table generation (parts lists and price lists).
  • Efficient translation management – multilingual (Unicode).
  • Referencing (multiple use) of modules.
  • Versioning of documents and building blocks.
  • Insert drawings, schematics and images.
  • Simplified variant creation.
  • Transfer of existing style sheets.
  • Version control.
  • Integrated report generator.
  • Export functions.
  • The interfaces are multilingual, clear and intuitive.
  • Drag & Drop functionality.


MD.Catalog has the possibility to communicate with ECM (Enterprise Content Management). A connection to the systems PDM (Product Data Management) / PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can also be implemented.


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