Easily share any document on the Web



Uncomplicated document exchange via your own Web server.

MetricDesigner – DocumentShareManagement

WithMD.DocumentShareManagement we offer you a simple and uncomplicated web solution. Exchange any documents with the desired people or project participants. Here you always keep the overview through a structured data exchange. You decide who can access which documents. And the documents can be accessed from “everywhere”.

Web platform solution to quickly and easily exchange documents with other people in an organized and structured way.

More efficiency

MD.DocumentShareManagement brings the efficiency of document exchange over the web to your company. Constant document sharing via e-mail is no fun in the long-term. The question of which documents are the current ones thus belongs to the past. Simple uploading or changing of a document are then everyday life. Don’t make the work unnecessarily burdensome for you and your team, your partner companies, etc., even if it is more pleasant.


Easy handling ensures efficiency at work and happy customers.

TEAM MetricDesigner

Features at a glance

  • Exchange documents of any kind with people. e.g. construction plans, drawings, classic documents, etc.
  • Documents of the following types can be viewed directly on the web: jpg, jpeg, png and pdf
  • Download functionality: Download documents.
  • Upload functionality: Upload new documents.
  • Update functionality: Update existing documents.
  • Document version management
  • The user only sees the documents for which you authorize him.
  • Document information can be designed individually. e.g. comment option, status information, building owner, object, etc.
  • When a document is updated, it is possible that e.g. the responsible person, project manager, etc. is notified by e-mail.
  • A file structure forms the document base of the web solution.

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